Track by MUF: “Digital Man. Habitat. Digital space for man”

Moscow Urban Forum will act as the Official Partner of the track “Digital Man. Habitat. Digital space for man ”.

Technology is one of the fundamental factors in the transformation of megacities: the comfort of the urban environment directly depends on the innovativeness of the solutions used in architecture, transport, urban services, retail, and logistics. The speed of integration and development of new technologies allows megacities to become world centers and achieve effective economic growth by attracting investments, international business, entrepreneurs and researchers.

We’ll look at how technology development affects the international status of cities and their attractiveness for residents, entrepreneurs and international corporations. At sessions on transport, health, inclusion and communications within the city, speakers will discuss how all these industries form an urban brand, how important the technological ecosystem of the city is for different directions, and how it is implemented in various megacities.

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., 5 sessions of the Moscow Urban Forum will be held in Witte Hall with the participation of Lev Manovich, Sergey Kuznetsov, Eduard Lysenko, Mukhit Seydakhmetov, Eduard Gurinovich:

And one more great news: the session “Urban health. Health Technologies for Citizens” will be attended by Artyom Goldman, IT entrepreneur, founder of Plink, one of the few Russians who have been on the Forbes 30 under 30 world list with his Visabot project (now - DoNotPay).

Artyom is actively engaged in biohacking and builds work on health in the same way as a business structure or IT process, where excessive fatigue or illness is considered a mistake, and technology and data help prevent or fix it.

At the session “Urban health. Health technologies for citizens ”Artyom will share his biohacking experience and tell how modern technologies can help citizens to be more attentive to their health.