On October 22, at the Open Innovations forum the possibilities of mutual Japanese Russian investments in the technological field were discussed. A session on the subject took place with the support of Japan Association for Trade with Russia & NIS (ROTOBO), the primary partner of the International Forum.

With the help of investments from RVC and the collaboration of Da Vinci Capital and New Frontier Capital Management, for the first time in the history of Japan-Russia business partnership, a joint “New Frontier” Fund is being organized to be specializing on investments into technological startups with a potential of entering international markets.

CEO of New Frontier Capital Management Shigeki Usuki said that Japan Russia New Frontier Fund (JRNFF) would be oriented not only at attracting investments into Japanese and Russian startups, but also at mutual sharing of experience between them. “The Fund will not only make contributions to the creation of innovations in Russia, but also help Japanese companies through implementing Russian technologies into them,” commented Shigeki Usuki.

Managing Capital of Da Vinci Capital Oleg Konev noted, today even small startups from Russia and Japan can be competitive on the global scale. According to his words, the new Fund should help such companies to maximize the effectiveness of their potential.

RVC Deputy General Director of Alexey Basov called the support of startups capable of entering world markets one of the principal activities of the “New Frontier” Fund. “We have managed to get on the same page with our colleagues incredibly fast. This is a testament of the kinship of our philosophies which, we are hoping, will enable us on the basis of local Russian and Japanese companies and with the help of our joint management team to create national champions not only within our own markets, but also on the international scale,” noted Alexey Basov.

Presently the structure of the future Japan Russia Fund is being negotiated. The session participants hope that the issue will be reconciled a early as in 2021.