Artificial intelligence as a driver for technology and business development is one of the central topics of the eighth Open Innovations International Forum. Opportunities and risks of the AI industry will be discussed at Skolkovo by world-class experts.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers the AI sector “one of the key areas of technological development that determine and will continue to define the future of the whole world.” The development of these technologies and infrastructure for them is included in the national program “Digital Economy”. Among the key tasks is to increase the share of Russian companies in the global AI market to 10%.

Artificial intelligence opens up new opportunities for both business and society as a whole. Improving decision-making based on it will make up for the digitalization process in the next six years, Gartner analysts say. But the practical application of AI still needs a more effective control system. Many issues that worried the developers of the first autonomous systems remain unsolved.

“Today, areas in which artificial intelligence surpasses human capabilities are clearly visible. At the same time, with all the development of digital technologies, where it comes to human interaction, artificial intelligence is still far behind, because it is not clear who makes decisions, which is better, which is worse. If we give the machine the right to determine this, we are embarking on a very dangerous path. Humanity is not yet ready to convey the definition of a criterion to a machine. This is an ethical issue, including the issue of education, culture, the issue of training people,” said the Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation Arkady Dvorkovich, speaking at the conference "The Digital World is already here. Are you ready?"

The Open Innovations Forum will discuss the use of AI technology in healthcare and industry, retail and insurance, the music industry and government. The participants in the discussions will be: Microsoft Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Steve Crown, co-founder and CEO of Amper Music Drew Silverstein, Head of the Philips Research Center for Data and Artificial Intelligence Hans Alois Wischmann, rector of Sberbank Corporate University Valeria Zabolotnaya, head of digital transformation at Hadassah Medical Center Yakov Zhitomirsky and others experts. The first day of the event will end with a talk about "Ethical Dilemmas and Digital Identity in Modern Society".