Discussion “Smart oil and gas data. How the Internet of things and artificial intelligence in data analytics are changing the business processes of the extractive industry” was held on October 23 at the Open Innovations International Forum.

After the introduction of the Intelligent Deposit system in Shell, the overall oil recovery rate increased by 10%, gas recovery rate increased by 5%. The company was also able to bring wells, which were considered unprofitable due to remoteness, into development. New technologies allow oil and gas companies to build geological models of deposits. Using machine learning methods, you can avoid mistakes in the geological exploration process and spend less time on well development.

“The value of an asset such as a deposit is formed at the earliest stages, when we are just approaching development. If fundamental mistakes are made at this stage, then it will be difficult or even impossible to correct them. We structured the research process in such a way as to replace a person wherever possible. The things that the geologists did for several months, the machine now does in a matter of minutes,” said Andrey Belevtsev, Director for Digital Transformation of Gazprom Neft, emphasizing that shortening the deposit development time affects the payback time.

In October, Aramco Innovations included in the structure of Saudi Arabian national oil company Saudi Aramco launched a digital transformation office, said its Director General Mustafa Al Ali. “We use the collected data for better intelligence. Digital technologies help us to hold and register knowledge. If the machine brain integrates all the accumulated experience, we will not need to pass it down through the generations. We see wide opportunities for digitalization of all areas of our work,” Mustafa Al Ali said.

The discussion was also attended by Joyabrata Bhattacharjee, IBM Executive Partner, Rajesh Kumar Srivastava, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Production Director, Dmitry Koroteev, Digital Petroleum Director General, Dmitry Kolobov, RusGazDobycha Managing Director, and Alexander Pruzhinin, Head of the Customer Service Center of Lukoil Information Technology Department.