More and more companies are reviewing development strategies under the influence of the third platform technologies. Business is forced to change from the inside to stay relevant. Experts at the International Open Innovations Forum will discuss how to prepare for change and learn how to manage it.

Global digitalization and technology development dictate business a model of behavior in an ever-changing world. The development of new markets, the automation of processes, the transfer to digital, and all that is to increase productivity. To stay commercially viable, companies need to become more flexible in strategic planning.

Among the most significant trends defining all these changes is a new paradigm for the development of the IT industry which is called "the third platform": cloud and mobile services, social technologies, big data analytics, smart devices, Internet of things. International Data Corporation predicts that as early as 2021, investments in third platform technologies will exceed 70% of the global IT market, which will reach $5.6 trillion.

“It’s not enough for business today to simply respond to technological changes. You have to adapt your long-term strategies regularly in response to these changes. Of course it is extremely difficult and, as a result, imprompt process for global corporations and large national companies. Therefore, the issue of adapting to the third platform technologies, such as cloud and mobile services, social tech and Internet of things - is one of the most serious challenges for business,” says Florian Jansen, CEO of Lamoda Group.

How to successfully manage changes in the company? In what direction are they going? What business strategy meets the requirements of the digital world? All these issues will be discussed by the panel discussion speakers at the Open Innovations Forum — Florian Jansen, CEO of Lamoda Group, Laurent-Pierre Baculard, Head of Digital Transformation at Bain & Company, Rudolf Held, Vice President, Head of Global Co-Innovation Labs, SAP, James Monsees, JUUL Labs Co-Founder, Nikolay Podguzov, Russian Post Federal Unitary Enterprise General Director, and other experts.