As we can see from global experience, innovations allow cities to become international development centers. Municipal administrations cooperate with technological corporations in order to increase the competitiveness of their territories. The secrets of attractiveness of modern metropolises were dwelled upon during the Technologies as a Brand: How a City Turns into a Superstar discussion at the Open Innovations International Forum.

Singapore and Barcelona are known for the introduction of smart technologies in the urban environment, Tokyo is famous for its high-speed transport, while Dubai invests in construction innovations. The application of high-tech solutions allows to create a high-class infrastructure and comfortable conditions for citizens, save resources and propel cities to the world top.

“Smart city is not a label, not an attractive brand. The only purpose of such projects is to ensure the people’s happiness. Digitalization of city services should primarily create an environment that is comfortable for life”, Executive Vice President for Bouygues Group Emmanuel Forrest highlighted.

The future of smart cities lies in local production and distribution of power, believes Vicente Guallart, the founder of the International Laboratory of Experimental Urban Design of the Higher School of Economics. A leapfrog will be possible due to the development of so-called blockchain power system. Power should be produced and distributed within the city.

“Many things we develop today were devised a long time ago. For example, electric vehicles were developed in XX century. Sometimes, we should turn back and look at our history to see the future”, Vicente Guallart said.

The discussion moderator, Vice President for Center of Strategic Developments Natalia Trunova stressed that Moscow is recognized as a smart city according to McKinsey. The Russian capital ranks sixth in the rating of transportation system development in the world’s biggest cities. According to the founder of CarPrice Eduard Gurinovich, the level of life comfort in a city directly affects the desire of the business to grow in the given territory.

“As a businessman, I choose not a city just to live in but a city to do business in. Several parameters are important for me here: availability of an infrastructure, investment environment, human capital of the city. Modern Moscow is perfect in this aspect”, Edurad Gurinovich said.

As compared to Moscow, Dresden is not so big but it is a large research and industrial center, Oberburgermeister of Dresden Dirk Hilbert reported. He added that his city has something to offer to the world in terms of smart technologies. “I am very happy we have settled cooperation with the Russian Zelenograd. Exchange of experience will ensure efficient work on the improvement of the software we produce”, Hilbert said.

The session was attended by President of JSC “ER-Telecom Holding Andrey Kuzyaev, General Director for Moscow Urban Forum Denis Boykov, founder of Multiverz Pte. Ltd Randip Sudan, Deputy General Director for SAFMAR Group Alexandra Volchenko.