Leaping forward to "digital" life , a person does not forget about the material world. In many fields, at the same time with digitalization, there is a transition to new materials that are stronger, lighter and more efficient than known analogues. One of the sessions of the VIII International Open Innovations Forum will be devoted to the achievements and prospects of the Russian composites market.

Multicomponent materials based on the latest developments are already actively used in the aircraft industry and the space industry, energy and medicine, transport and construction, for the manufacture of sport equipment and other consumer goods. Currently Russia's largest producer of carbon composites UMATEX (enterprise of Rosatom) is among the ten world leaders in the production of carbon fiber and materials based on it.

Alexander Tyunin, director general of UMATEX: "The world market of composite materials, according to experts, will reach $143 billion by 2025. Russia is able to take one of the leading places on it due to both existing solutions and those, the implementation of which is a matter of the near future. At the same time, in order to accelerate all these processes, we need extensive measures to create infrastructure for the development of new industries in the field of non-conventional materials".

Participants of the session "Think Digital – Be Material: What the world of the digital era will be made of" at the Open Innovations Forum will be Severstal’s director of business development and corporate venture projects Andrei Laptev, head of the investment division of renewable energy of RUSNANO management company Alisher Kalanov, director general of Galen Ltd Valery Gurinovich, AVIAR project creator Aleksey Rachev, Vertical company director Sergey Moshonkin, co-founder of OOO ZARYAD Ivan Savin, chairman of the board of directors of the Motorica company Andrey Davidyuk. Alexander Tyunin will moderate the discussion.

The VIII International Open Innovations Forum will be held in Skolkovo Technopark between 21 and 23 of October. Topic of the Forum - "Digital nation. Leap Forward to Intellectual Economy". For detailed information and registration please see