On the first day of the Open Innovations Forum, keynote speakers talked about the recent developments in virtual reality, education, and art. Drew Silverstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Amper Music, told how the artificial intelligence was helping to write music.

"New technologies open new doors for us, but people are not always ready for changes. We need to adapt, understand our place in the world. The transformation is happening too quickly, we need time to prepare. We spend our lives to master something, but today these tasks can be entrusted to a computer," Silverstein said.

The Amper Music's CEO divides music into functional and art music. The first one can be written by artificial intelligence, if it is given the parameters: mood, genre. The melody will fit into any context, for instance, in computer games world, music will be able to adjust to a particular player.

Nonetheless, development of technologies does not shut the door on composers’ future. After all, an artwork is not just a result. It is a process enabling a composer to express oneself. In this case, the artificial intelligence can merely improve or complete a melody, while not replacing an author.

"In the creative world, innovations enable to carry ideas into reality. A pen and a sheet, a paint-brush, a piano – these are instruments. They have been evolving and have become better. Technologies do not scale back the role of creative skills; they allow to express ourselves in a more simple and quick way," Silverstein emphasized.