EFKO Group of Companies and Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University) have agreed to partner up for the purposes of attracting young specialists and joint cooperation on projects. The Cooperation agreement will be signed on October 22 as part of the Open Innovations International Forum.

The key purpose of the partnership is personnel training. At the ITMO Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations within the “Innovations Entrepreneurship” Master’s Program there will be a “Creation and Management of FoodTech Businesses” specialty. EFKO GС experts will participate in the preparation of “Launching a Technological Project on the FoodTech market” course.

The attendants of the course will learn about the modern trends of the Foodtech market, discover the basics of venture funding, and study the stages of launching a technological startup. The practical course will include the actualization of a specific project, which the student either chooses themselves or it is recommended to them by EFKO mentors. Making the plan of attracting investments is followed by a pilot project for a full-fledged startup launch. The project may be expanded in the future for the purposes of the graduation thesis.

EFKO GС will be providing cutting edge laboratory equipment of its R&D center for the research activities of ITMO students. They will also be able to take up internships on the manufacturing capacities of the company. In turn, the ITMO specialists will share their experience on seminars and lectures for EFKO employees.

The Agreement also comprises the development and actualization of comprehensive scientific research and experimental projects and development programs, which includes the involvement of additional financial sources and partners.

As part of the cooperation EFKO GС will also be able to act as an “industrial partner” of ITMO University events and projects, including competitions, grants, and tenders in the field of science intensive innovation technologies in the “Biotechnologies” area. Joint participation in the scheduled events of the National Technological Initiative (NTI), including priority ones, is also a possibility.