Yaroslav Goncharov, founder of Wireless Lab, developer of the popular application FaceApp, will speak at the Open Innovations Forum. In 2017, FaceApp entered the market, allowing you to instantly and realistically change photos in HD quality.

Today, the application is experiencing a new wave of popularity. In May, for ten days at its peak, the creators earned $ 1 million. The "magic of transformation" app has already made a name for itself in Europe and the United States.

Millions of people install FaceApp following their favorite actors and musicians. The number of downloads exceeded 100 million. But is this a dangerous toy? According to conspiracy theorists, can photos, created by a neural network, be used against users for someone’s selfish purposes?

At the Open Innovations Forum, as part of the Bloomberg conference, Yaroslav Goncharov will answer these questions. Yaroslav worked on Windows Mobile for Microsoft, founded the startup SPB Software, sold it to Yandex for $ 38 million, after which he decided to devote himself to creating mobile applications. Wireless Lab became a resident of Skolkovo and created FaceApp in 8 months.

Panel discussion “Face Recognition” will be devoted creating a national biometric database in the Russian Federation, the prospects for using it to combat crime and introducing access to financial services through verification of a person’s portrait.