Use of modern biotechnologies in food production utterly changes the way people see food products and approach to consuming them. Agri-food industry transformation and #foodtech market perspectives will be the topic of panel discussion of the Open Innovations International Forum to be held on October 22 with the support of EFKO Group of Companies, #foodtech Partner of the Forum.

Food industry is on the edge of major changes related to healthy food-oriented trend, environment-related factors, and technology development. While domestication of animals, birds and plants by people became the first food revolution, today we can tame microorganisms and even molecules using biotechnologies.

The panel discussion has been participated by practicing experts in #foodtech: • Rosinter opens Life Bowl healthy food café and calls it a "brand new alternative to traditional fast food" and serves veggie burgers in its restaurants • 3D Bioprinting Solutions conducts ISS-based experiments on printing meat on a bioprinter using animal cells • The innovative Center of Strauss Group, Israeli food industry leader, reduces the sugar content in natural juices using enzymes

Andrey Zyuzin, Head of EFKO Innovations, will be the discussion moderator. A special guest will be Nadav Berger, Managing Partner of Newtrition Venture Capital Fund managed by Peakbridge Partners specialized in foodtech startup investments. The first USD 2 million deal between Fuel for Growth Fund, established with the participation of EFKO Agro-Industrial Group of Companies, and Newtrition Fund, will be announced at the event.