Producing one burger patty requires over 1500 liters of water. The average US resident consumes three such patties a week, and if they cut down their consumption to two, they will harmful emissions into the atmosphere by several times.

At the intersection of ecology and consumption a hot-button issue of transitioning to a more healthy living is brewing. The participants of the Foodtech. Future tense: food. Accusative case? discussion, organized with the support of EFKO Innovations, are certain that these questions have to be viewed from the perspective of using new technologies.

Transitioning to healthy eating is a popular trend. Some are doing it for health reasons, others are concerned with the exhaustion of natural resources. “The population of the planet is growing, and natural resources are insufficient. In 20 years we will be feeling it even stronger. Isn’t that a solid reason to introduce innovations into the food industry? Yet it is highly important that artificial foods are just as delicious, safe, and nutritious as natural ones,” stressed Shahar Florence, the Chief Growth & Innovations Officer at Strauss Group.

The situation with foods in the world is rather inconsistent. “On one hand, countries are trying to feed 825 million of the hungry. On the other hand – to cure 600 million of the obese. In order to allow for this, taxes are raised, the price of the supply chain from the manufacturer of the product to the consumer is already $ 12 trillion and, according to the prognosis, will continue to grow,” noted session moderator and director general of EFKO Innovations Andrey Zyuzin.

Many companies are already experimenting with the creation of artificial products, however, this is largely a matter of the future. “50 years ago nobody knew what chocolate bars were. We owe their discovery to the military, who came up with this snack as a way to quickly replenish carbon in the system of the troops,” said Yusef Khesuani the Manging Partner of 3D Bioprinting Solutions, adding that future products “will yet surprise us.”