Traffic congestion costs the US economy $ 305 billion a year. In 2018, 11 countries of the European Union due to automobile exhaust gases exceeded a record level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. With the list of similar cases the “Open Innovations” International Forum has started its session “Intelligence on board. Transport of future and the city”.

A solution to these problems can be electric cars and drones. New types of transport, combined with the introduction of smart traffic management systems, will allow to increase comfort and safety on the roads, and at the same time increase the mobility of people.

Speaking at the session, the chief strategist of the Smart City EDC Busan project, Chun-Song Hwan, said that Busan authorities have been working on the concept of “smart city” for 20 years: “Technologies are constantly changing, and now, first of all, knowledge is required on how to use them most efficiently”. According to him, technologies will continue to become “more intelligent” and regulate more and more new spheres of human life, especially the life of megacities residents.

“We are trying to implement such a model of future in Busan. A smart city is not a product, but a platform for various actions. We are creating the infrastructure, in fact, anew. We introduce "smart" roads with a monitoring and broadcasting traffic system. We are developing this model, not forgetting about such difficult moments as the need for parking spaces. I think in the short term it will be put into practice”, said Chun-Song Hwan.

The session participants discussed that the map of public communications in the transport sector is changing before our eyes. Manufacturers of "traditional" cars enter the market with fundamentally different models. "On-demand mobility" services help users navigate the roads online. Transport services providers understand that they can only stay in the market if they adopt new rules of the game.

The discussion was also attended by Managing Director of Hyundai Motor CIS Alexey Kalitsev, Yandex Unmanned Vehicles Business Development Director Artem Fokin, Deputy Chairman of the Board for Intelligent Transport Systems and Digitalization of GK "Avtodor" Boris Sazhin.