A discussion between a Russian and a European futurologist took place at the Open Innovations forum. Director-Founder of Future of Humanity Institute Nick Bostrom and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group of Companies “Russian investments” Kirill Ignatyev discussed what future awaits the global economy in 20 years.

Nick Bostrom was presenting to the listeners his Vulnerable World Hypothesis. According to the professor, further technological development comes with a high possibility of dooming the human civilization. Sooner or later a technology with tremendous destructive potential will be created. The only way to stop moving towards devastation and “to stabilize the unstable world” is to establish total surveillance, expert says.

“We can effect the following measures to counter vulnerability: establish around the clock surveillance of every person. We can use artificial intelligence to catch the culprit before they use technology to kill millions or destroy cities! Of course, taking such measures requires the situation to be critical. Establishing total control, of course, bears risks of its own. But this is the only way to stabilize our unstable world,” stated Nick Bostrom.

Kirill Ignatyev was offering a more optimistic outlook on the future. According to his prognosis, within the nearest 20 years the economy will become human-centered. This will trigger a colossal increase in the quality of life. “The world will be much more humane. And it will be technology that will help to address human problems on an entirely different level, and make the world much more positive,” noted the futurologist. According to his words, the most prominent place in the future world will belong to culture.