On October 22 Rudolf Held, Vice President, Head of Global Co-Innovation Labs, will be speaking at the session “Time for Change. Strategic change management in companies”.

For the second year in a row, SAP led the ranking of the most expensive German brands according to BrandZ and for the first time became the most expensive brand in Europe. BrandZ's assessment was based on companies' ability to leverage innovation. SAP has an impressive global expertise and is involved in a number of initiatives aimed at supporting and developing Industry 4.0.

The power of SAP is comprehensive. Their solutions meet the conditions for scaling, processing large amounts of data, fault tolerance and data storage, because not only business depends on their quality, but key areas for the economy. They can provide an end-to-end solution for a company of any size and industry: from several stores to millions of employees. SAP is behind the concept of "intelligent" enterprise, the idea of which is to transfer the company all the actions that are usually done by a person to technology.

As a speaker of The Open Innovaions Forum Rudolf Held will tell what actions are necessary at a strategic level for successful change management in a company, how to prepare personnel for the changes, and which business strategy meets the conditions of the digital world.