The Forum's program in 2019 is based on the mixture of three elements — technologies, economy and human. Human, as the basis of digital society, is the center of this system by becoming the main source and criterion for competitiveness of countries now and in the future.

"Those countries will win the competition race, which put a human, not capital, first. They will take the leading positions on the global market. Multipolarity and magnitude of challenges the states are facing require the international community to joint efforts for creating a digital space of trust and safety, knowledge, technology and expertise exchange. The main task is to create a digital ecosystem for people of tomorrow. I am positive that Russia will play one of the key roles in achieving this goal", says Arkady Dvorkovich, Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation.

Open Innovations day 1 (October 21) is dedicated to Digital Human. Forum participants will form a request for ecosystem, the implementation of which will be the basis for digital nation development (Nation 5.0). The humans are evolving themselves under the influence of rapidly changing technologies. Connectivity, a new level of horizontal connections between people, groups, communities around the world, becomes the catalyst for this process.

The central topic of Forum's day 2 (October 22) will be Intelligent Economy. Experts will discuss interaction of business, state and science in the "fourth industrial revolution" and integration of modern technologies in the global economy, which is to be forced to switch to people-first development model aiming primarily at improving the quality of life.

Day 3 (October 23) will be dedicated to Futuretech. According to PwC's forecast, by 2030 the global GDP will grow by 14% thanks to artificial intelligence development alone. Digitalization of the manufacturing industry, introduction of AI and neural networks into traditional sectors of industry will ensure the maximum effect. Transformation of the economy will also be driven by big data, Internet of Things, and cloud technologies.

The co-organizers of the Forum are The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, The Government of Moscow, Skolkovo Foundation, Russian Venture Company (RVC), The Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE), State Development Corporation VEB.RF.