Witte, October 23 12:30 — 13:30


Shopping of the future - how will it lool like? How do digital technologies determine the emphasis of retail development?

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning make it possible to generate customized offers. Almost all consumer actions are captured and turned into a huge amount of Big Data, the collection of which facilitates the widespread dissemination of the Internet of things (IoT). As customers migrate between online and offline realities, they leave the consumer footprint that is shared with them, allowing brands to create a seamless, personalized customer image.

The integration of AR / VR technologies provides the buyer with almost the entire range of feelings: now there is no need to see, feel or test the product in person. While by 2021 the cost of e-tail will reach $ 5 billion, and the volume of returns is projected at 25%, AR will help maintain sales, because the consumer will more fully understand what he is acquiring.

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant help order products or subscribe. All the user has to do is ask. Chatbots delight their customers with an instant response and are ready to book a hotel room or a flight.

  • Personalization, Mcommerce, omnichannel, chat bots, voice assistants, total automation - what other trends await retail in the future?
  • How to analyze big data about consumer behavior and use it to increase sales?
  • Price-cutting no longer works. What strategies help keep customers loyalty?