Witte, October 23 13:45 — 14:45


Today, we can see how the boundaries between social networks and eCommerce have become blurred, forming a new way of shopping: Social Commerce or s-сommerce.

Generation Z and Millennials inhabited social networks and messengers and they are less willing to leave the comfortable Web environment. Since the younger generation stimulates demand and changes cultural and consumer preferences, there is a paradigm shift in online trading towards social shopping.

In China, s-commerce has become a sales standard and more than half of Chinese users make purchases through social applications or Super Apps. In Russia, the market volume of goods and services in social networks has approached 11%.

During the session, we will discuss the implementation of the first project in Russia to integrate social networks and a marketplace.

  • Is a “unpainful” merger of Aliexpress with Vkontakte possible?
  • What technological solutions will Aliexpress and Vkontakte users face with?
  • How can the advantages of a social platform and the world's largest online market double sales?
  • Will social commerce become a new alternative reality for e-commerce?
  • Which technologies will be the basis for the development of s-commerce today and in the near future?