Pareto, October 22 16:15 — 17:30

RAIF (Russian Artificial Intelligence Forum)

Like all new terms, omnichannel had many meanings, but with the transformation of offline networks into IT companies, the penetration of e-commerce offline and the integration of fintech into retail, everything changed.

Now the business is moving further away from cases:
“Your call is very important to us, the operator will answer in 30 minutes,” is the answer to a customer calling from abroad with an LTV of 150,000 p. with a net profit of the company at 26,000 rubles per year.

AI seeks to analyze a huge number of events (ML features) across all possible service channels: address, call from abroad, the number of Facebook subscribers, visiting the site, coming to the store, check content, negative conversation with the operator, LTV, an unclosed ticket for service, an average check, leaving the store without a purchase, etc.

For what purpose? Examples: 1) the client is dissatisfied with the service (contacting the contact center), therefore the company stops not only telemarketing, but also notifications and SMS until the problem is resolved; 2) the client regularly buys the goods, but once came to the store and left without it, or without purchases at all? It is easy to collect feedback and find out the reason.

Companies are pondering the introduction of AI-powered omnichannel marketing and customer service right in the process of a competitive battle. Will the creation of an omni platform (with comprehensive customer information, communication channels, and automated personalized decision making) help improve metrics?

Will it reduce customer churn and marketing costs? Increase the accuracy of personal offers? Improve up-sales / cross-sales? Improve NPS? Speed ​​up customer service? Reduce the payroll? Increase the average bill?

Experts will discuss these and other issues:

  • 80% of loyalty programs are unprofitable, can AI transform them and ensure profitability thanks to omni data?
  • Is it possible to create an AI that will provide a personalized service to each client without loss of customer experience?
  • What components may be required for such an omnichannel platform (CX platform, marketing channels, Data Lake, ML, etc.)? Will the investment pay off?

Who will benefit from the session: VP, CEO, CFO, CMO, CXO (Chief Customer Experience Officer), CDO (retail, finance and telecom), in KPI or whose tasks are the management and economic improvement of customer interaction metrics (marketing budgets, ROMI , sales, average check and so on)