Pareto, October 23 13:30 — 14:30

RAIF (Russian Artificial Intelligence Forum)

In practical cases, lead experts will understand how to teach AI to recognize speech and respond, what algorithms make speech of assistants, such as Alice or Siri, humane, what breakthroughs in this area to expect, and what are the technology barriers to successful commercial products.

The speakers will discuss:

  • Natural language processing, analysis, and synthesis technologies, comprehension and analysis, re-detection;
  • Resources for basic NLP tasks (segmentation, tagging, syntax, semantics, etc.);
  • Recognition and tracking of topics, subject indexing;
  • Emotion recognition;
  • Detection of incidents and anomalies in speech, etc.

Session target audience:

  • CIOs with deep knowledge of technology, customer service managers, contact center managers, who want to dive deeper into the topic of understanding natural language for business purposes;
  • Chief Data Officers and machine learning team leaders looking to learn more useful details for implementing technology in their companies.