Weber, October 22 17:00 — 18:00

Startup Valley

So far, Japanese-Russian business has expanded primarily through bilateral trade centering on resource energy and machinery products and local production centering on automobiles in Russia. However, Japan has strengths in manufacturing technology that supports “Monozukuri” (lit. ‘production’ or ‘making of things’; i.e.,
‘manufacturing’), while Russia has turned out many top-level human resources in the world in recent years in the field of software development, in addition to the field of basic research where it has traditionally been strong. It can be said that this mutually complementary relationship between Japan and Russia is a great opportunity to fully demonstrate the fruits of open innovation.
Mutual investment in the field of technology is essential to building such a win-win relationship between Japan and Russia. Japan Russia New Frontier Fund (JRNFF), the first technology investment fund between Japan and Russia. Based on keynote reports from the Japanese and Russian managers of this fund, panel discussions will be held on such matters as issues related to current bilateral tech investments by Japanese and Russian tech investors and measures necessary to activate tech investment in both countries in the future.