Keynes, October 21 15:30 — 16:45


All around the world and in all segments education is actively transforming today. In the perimeter of formal education systems, the “new people” appear - innovators in education. Their projects often offer training in areas that are not covered by official national programs, the approaches and methods used do not fit into the pedagogical practices of long standing, and the ways of interacting with customers are fundamentally different from traditional ones. Most innovators are forced to overcome the resistance of formal education systems, the distrust of parents and critical perception from investors. This significantly slows down the integration of these “agents of change” in the transformation of education.

  • What should be the request from formal education system to innovators in the interests of developing the entire education system in Russia? What is the experience in other countries?
  • What skill set should innovators themselves develop in order to be attractive partners for government, business & society?
  • What should be the infrastructure for supporting grass-roots innovation in education? Are existing ecosystem capabilities sufficient?