Open Stage, October 21 14:00 — 15:00


New technologies are rapidly breaking into our daily lives. Many gadgets are changing its way of life over the centuries. We are starting to unite in virtual communities, this changes the patterns of human behavior, their attitude. A huge amount of information accumulated in digital form allows us to analyze it with the help of neural networks and identify patterns that were previously unknown to us. We have already learned a lot, but in pursuit of the solution of the question “how?”, We forget about the significance of the question “why.” Within the framework of the session, experts in various fields of life sciences will discuss what awaits humanity in the near future, how society will transform and what place in the future society will be given to man himself.

• How is human consciousness changing in the new technological order?
• Should it be allowed to change human genetic code?
• Will new technologies help extend life?
• How will a person interact with a computer in the future?
• Where is the boundary between man and mechanism?