Witte, October 21 16:00 — 16:50


Cities are experiencing a boom of public spaces development: cities build parks, boulevards, embankments, theaters, museums, treadmills. and all of them are calling the citizens to come out of their habitat to interact and communicate. At the same time, almost everyone going in the streets has a smartphone with hundreds contacts, only dozen of which he meets in his daily life, maintaining close ties with friends over thousands of kilometers. Megacities create a new communication environment in which citizens, on the one hand, spend more and more time in virtual space, and on the other, consume the physical space of the city, while being both in physical and online space.

  • How do advanced technologies alter our ways of interacting with the urban environment?
  • How can city authorities and public space designers leverage the potential of media technologies?
  • How do media technologies create real communities around public spaces?
  • How can media technologies help promote public urban spaces?