Witte, October 21 14:50 — 15:50


Inclusion is no longer just about the image of a company or a city. Rather, it is a business imperative, as it allows attracting new talent, increasing loyalty and engagement among consumers, employees and citizens. A study performed by the World Economic Forum confirms that corporations working on diversity policies are 30-35% more innovative and competitive than an average company on the market. There is also a direct link between the global influence of cities and their inclusion level. Unlike cities, companies have a wider range of targeted tools at their disposal to implement an inclusion policy. As for major companies, their solutions are by default scaled to an entire city.

  • How does a diversity and inclusion policy contribute to effective development? Why are corporations and cities increasingly focusing on creating diverse and inclusive environments?
  • What tools are available to corporations in this regard? Which practices could be adopted by cities?
  • Is inclusion particularly important for the technology sector? How, on the other hand, do technologies help companies and cities become more inclusive?