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The concept of the “Internet of things” is a set of directions based on the technology of identification, measurement, collection, transmission, processing of information from sensors, sensors and other physical objects (“things”) aimed at creating an infrastructure of integrated information networks for interaction with each other the other and external systems, with the ability to remotely control and manage without human intervention.
Moreover, in the Russian Federation, the Internet of things is at the stage of prototyping and demonstration in the field. However, in the world, decisions in the field of the Internet of things have already reached the level of production and export of products.
The development of the concept is important for such sectors of the economy as Healthcare, Housing and Public Utilities, Transport, Electricity, Industry, Agriculture, as well as in the areas of Smart City and Smart Home. The potential economic effect of the introduction of the Internet of things in the priority sectors of the economy of the Russian Federation is 2 102 billion rubles. cumulative total by 2024
 The list of topics for the section on the Internet of Things
The Internet of things is a concept, not a technology. 1.1. Why is there a substitution of the concept.
Cross-industry sharing of best practices for implementing the Internet of things. .
Obstacles in the interaction of government and business in the field of the Internet of things.
The Internet of things as the basis of the Smart City urban concept.
Domestic market of the Internet of things in the field of "Smart Home"