Weber, October 23 10:00 — 11:00


According to a PWC study, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technology could lead to an increase in global GDP of 14% or $ 15.7 trillion by 2030, with the economies of China and North America benefiting the most.
Russia, despite its rather strong scientific base and high potential for training in the field of mathematical and natural sciences, as a rule, is not considered as one of the potential leaders in the global AI arena: due to the structural and institutional features of the Russian economy, it always turns out to be the creation of real and globally competitive businesses.
The Russian state today is actively broadcasting the intention to reverse this situation through the tools available to it - the national program “Digital Economy”, the National Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence, and even a specialized federal project. Are these efforts sufficient to radically improve Russia's position in the global market?
The participants in the discussion will analyze the current trends in the Russian and world markets of AI solutions, consider the key barriers that Russian companies face when entering foreign markets, and discuss how the state can effectively promote the development of the AI ​​industry in our country.