KAZAN HALL, October 22 10:45 — 12:00

Intelligent Economy

Digital transformation of States has become one of the major factors of the global leadership in the 21st century. Accelerated business digitalization has made citizens to expect the same fast and high-quality services from their governments as from business. Through digitizing, governments can provide services that meet the expectations of citizens and businesses. McKinsey estimates that a State transformation using modern digital technology can bring in more than $1 trillion a year worldwide. Nation-States are competing with the global companies platform model. That's a completely radical challenge, a solution to which is sought by all the States. The key question they have to answer is how to remain a State and ensure sovereignty. Transnational, cross-border data flows and volumes of information, huge market competition concentrated in the global platforms – this is a competition to win citizens' choice and the digital transformation format is bound to determine the its outcome.

Questions to be discussed:

  • Digital transformation of public administration – challenges, tasks, governance model
  • Digital government platform architecture: description, functional aspects
  • Integration of public services into commercial platforms: myth vs reality?