Witte, October 21 17:00 — 18:15


Digital transformation is an objective trend of the 21st century permeating all spheres of society. People in the process of their daily activities constantly generate large amounts of data: when making purchases, moving around the city, interacting with the state, etc. Still, being producers of this data, they do not always recognize the value of bid data. Only a few companies use this data as their main competitive advantage and successfully monetize it. However, big data is also of interest to the state - as the main tool for implementing social management in the era of digital transformation.

  • Are companies ready to share data as their competitive advantage with other actors, including the state?
  • Who is the ultimate beneficiary of big data dissemination: individual, business, state?
  • Is it possible to harmonize the big data analysis system into a single format of national social ratings?