ATRIUM STAGE, October 23 11:30 — 12:00


The year is 2030. The world is hyper connected, highly automated, and managed by intelligent machines.
The internet of things and artificial intelligence are powering the breakneck transition from the Information Age to the Age of Intelligent Machines and profound changes in of business, society, and everyday life.
In the not so distant future, AI technologies will be pervasive in almost every new product and service. Autonomous cars, personalized medicine, chatbots and cobots, and other types of intelligent machines promise to automate processes and boost efficiencies, create disruptive products and services, and improve the quality of life of many individuals.
But these intelligent machines will also track our every move, create and expose societal biases, eliminate jobs, and, some fear, will one day develop a will of their own and go rogue.
In his talk, Joe will offer a perspective about the promise and perils of AI and machine learning technologies in both business and everyday life. He will explain what they can and cannot do (at least not in the foreseeable future), and the threats, both real and perceived, posed by autonomous machines in a future dominated by AI.