Keynes, October 21 14:00 — 15:15


Talent today is one of the main resources for development and growth of a company. Business owners and managers set ambitious tasks for evaluating and developing staff within an organisation. By setting high expectations on the wrong person, a company may incur reputation costs and financial losses, and vice versa, underestimating one employee’s potential and not providing him with proper development opportunities might lead to losing him. With the benefits of the rapid technological progress, more and more innovative methods have emerged for assessing and recruiting staff, data begin to play an increasingly important role in assessing and building individual tracks for staff development. Among new methods of employee assessment are neuro-assessment based on analysis of the brain work during fulfilment of certain tasks and digital footprints analysis.

  • What is the role of technologies in modern HR practice?
  • What are the opportunities and risks of the technological progress?
  • Where is the ethic boundary of using new technologies in staff assessment and selection?
  • Classical HR approaches to assessment of competences and innovative methods: opposition or cooperation?