Witte, October 21 13:40 — 14:40


A healthy environment is one of the key aspects of the quality of life in a modern-day megacity. To improve the urban environment and combat diseases, cities are implementing sustainable development programs and directing all their resources and departments to work on the urban environment. The health of citizens is affected by many factors, including planning decisions, transport, lifestyle and pollution. Technologies provide a broad spectrum of monitoring, analytical, and gamification tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • How do technologies contribute to creating a healthy urban environment and motivating citizens to follow a healthy lifestyle?
  • Which technological solutions are the most popular today – environmental monitoring, wearables, telemedicine or design software? What is widespread in Russia and Moscow, and what kind of solutions are lacking here?
  • Who are the key players on the urban health market today? How can incumbents leverage technologies to improve their efficiency?