Weber, October 21 11:00 — 12:15

Digital Art

"Art&Science in Skolkovo" project with the support of Moscow Polytech present:

New language. Digital art as a mediator in the machine-human dialogue

Human has long been trying to negotiate with machines to “tame” superpowers and continue to lead this complex world. On the agenda for discussion is the vector of digital human development. Scientists, Skolkovo resident developers, media artists, curators of technological art exhibitions will talk about how communication is organized today: human-human, human-machine, machine-machine. In the “smart world” a new language and a new ethics are born, but it is culture that will remain the environment that helps homo sapiens not to turn into homo cyborg.

  • What roles will remain for a human after total robotization?
  • Communication in VR and AR - what is the feature?
  • How to keep “human” in the era of big data and sensory marketing?
  • Can artist predict the future?