Open Stage, October 23 12:00 — 12:30

  • Digital transformation should be carried out in multiple directions: digital strategy, digital products and services, flexible processes within a company, etc.
  • One of the key directions to reach the successful global digital transformation is the fast launch of new products and services based on mobile platform. Easy4 presents an innovative “anti-roaming” mobile platform for building various ecosystems for all sectors of economy.
  • To reach the successful digital “modus of operandi” it is essential to apply cutting age technologies and possibility to combine those. Example of Easy4 proves this thesis. Application of Multi International Mobile Subscriber Identity (Multi IMSI) and virtual SIM-card (eSIM) in Easy4’s solutions is unique for Russian and global markets.
  • Technology and business model of Easy4 allows fast rolling out of different products and services on its platform: payment for transport with no-NFC-supported mobile phone, smart monitoring of various devices, «anti-roaming” for subscribers in 150+ countries and much more.