KAZAN HALL, October 22 15:45 — 16:45

Intelligent Economy

With the development of technologies new options for the use arise at the intersection of 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. This combination creates the world of Intelligent Connectivity which has a positive impact on cities, people, industry, society and economy. For example, in the near future 5G will become the basis for development of urban projects in all fields of public life, from education and health care to transport industry and housing and public utilities. And unmanned vehicles will move using 5G while communicating with the surrounding infrastructure. All this accelerates the development of smart cities.

Questions for discussion:
• How can interconnected devices change life in the city? How do they affect the creation of a comfortable modern urban environment and the development of the urban economy?
• What technologies do smart cities need and are there any technologies in Russia?
• What are the opportunities of 5G technology?
• What should industries, government and market players do in order to implement the use of the fifth generation technologies and accelerate the formation of full-fledged Smart Cities?
• Do one needs to consider new opportunities when developing master plans for cities?
• What are the financing mechanisms for creating smart cities and infrastructure to ensure the necessary level of connectivity?