Smith, October 22 12:00 — 13:00


Leaders of the sharing economy companies will gather to discuss what changes are occurring in this market, how the city is transformed with the sharing economy development and what new opportunities and startup niches are introduced in response to these changes.
The discussion will give a chance to see the intersection points between startups and major players in the market, cover a wide range of opportunities for the companies growth, and give a new perspective on threats and prospects for running private businesses on shared platforms.

  • 1 shared car instead of 4 vehicles: how car sharing modifies consumption structure in the city:
  • Millennials choice: how consumption values of modern generation change the economy structure;
  • To rent, not to own: what new markets emerge in modern consumption systems?
  • Opportunities for running a private business on shared platforms;
  • Sharing economy startups: prospects, constraints and entry barriers;
  • How is the city transformed with sharing economy development?
  • The impact of sharing economy growth on traditional business market share;
  • Security, property preservation and consumer rights protection in sharing economy.