Plekhanov, October 22 17:00 — 18:00

Digital Transformation Journey

Data is becoming an integral part of any process in the modern world. Cities are not an exception. The concept of data-driven cities (DDC) has become one of the key concepts in urban planning, urbanization and the digital transformation of states and countries. The largest cities in the world, such as Shanghai, Moscow, Amsterdam or New York already benefit from the introduction of data-based solutions. Nevertheless, increased dependence on data also creates new challenges: cyber threats, data leakage and hacking are new problems that need to be addressed to all data custodians: both the state and business.

What data is needed to create data-driven cities? What data does the business have for the city? What does the state have? How is it possible to use this data together? What are the barriers for sharing data between companies, government, and individuals? In which areas do we need to open the API? For what types of data and for which companies? What steps are needed to be taken on the part of the regulator and are the current provisions on data protection and use sufficient? What data is not collected today, but necessary to improve the city efficiency and development? What effects do the DDC have and does Russia need them in light of the digital economy development?