Plekhanov, October 22 15:45 — 16:45

Digital Transformation Journey

The modern economy of knowledge and communications make us learn and relearn. The global trend lifelong learning is rapidly increasing the demand for educational services, and the need to learn new technologies and competencies of the digital era leads to the explosive growth of new educational projects and platforms.
Today EdTech is called the new fintech that will never "cool down." The volume of global investment in educational projects in 2019 exceeded $16 billion, and still continues to grow.
In connection with the processes of digital transformation taking place today in all sectors, one can not discount the business models transformation in the educational sector. Instead of government subsidies unavailable to small EdTech companies, it is actively developing a private investment market. Within the framework of the discussion, we will explore investment strategies of the leading funds focusing on investment in education.

  • What technologies and solutions will define a “new” education?
  • How to evaluate and select educational projects taking into account industry specifics?
  • Will educational platforms compete with traditional universities?
  • Is there anything other than platforms among successful business models in education?
  • What can Edtech offer universities and teachers?
  • What national educational projects can become global?