Witte, October 22 10:45 — 11:45

Industry Lab

In recent years, the global economy has seen explosive growth of unicorn companies in high-tech fields. The total cost of 326 unicorns in the world reached $ 1.1 trillion. More and more countries see these companies as new economic growth points. Today, Russian startups are trying to quickly and efficiently build expanded ecosystems in order to occupy leading positions in the market, including the sphere of new technologies development and new business models creation. To become a “unicorn”, a company must offer the market a completely new product or service, as well as seriously upgrade existing ones, have a scalable monetization model and a massive B2C market, while relying on global experience.

How to attract investments for a future unicorn?How to stimulate the appearance of "gazelles" and "unicorns" in the Russian market? What successful practices of global companies can serve as an example for growing startups? What can unicorn companies offer and teach?