Keynes, October 22 09:30 — 10:30

Industry Lab

The world is experiencing a transport revolution. Digital technologies will make it possible to more effectively use private and public transport, and in the long-term increase the mobility of citizens, the level of safety and comfort of city trips, and optimize traffic management. Interaction with passengers is actively changing through the development of information services, cashless payment systems, travel planning through mobile applications. There is also a change in the model of car use: taxi, car sharing, electric cars. However, private transport also continues to modernize, becoming more secure and personalized.

How will personal transport and its interaction with people change?
How does public transport become personalized and informative?
Artificial Intelligence on the road: how fast will we switch to unmanned vehicles? How will it influence on urban mobility?
What case of applying new technologies in transport are observed in world practice?
How city is changing under the influence of innovative transport?