Witte, October 22 17:00 — 18:00

Industry Lab

The Russian energy sector is on the verge of actively introducing new digital and innovative market practices that will allow it to find new functioning technologies in the market environment and find a solution to long-standing industry problems. Among these challenges are a high level of equipment depreciation, reduction of losses during electric power transmission, increase in the level of observability and controllability of networks.
To deal with them, it is necessary to implement the elements of the new energy industry - reliable and flexible distribution networks, intelligent distributed generation and new consumer services, which involves the maximum use of digital and energy-saving technologies.
The transition to smart energy has been declared one of the tasks of national importance, which will not only change the current energy landscape, but will also give an impetus to the development of the electrical industry and allow Russian innovative companies to actively implement their developments in the country's energy sector.
In turn, industry leaders, regulators, vendors in the Russian energy sector, who are not ready to lose their control, seize the initiative from startups and IT giants in digitalizing their industry. Within the framework of the session, we are planning to discuss these trends with the representatives of companies involved in the creation of intellectual Russian energy.