Witte, October 22 15:45 — 16:45

Industry Lab

The requirements for business processes of production have been growing in recentr years, especially in terms of efficiency, quality and speed of their implementation. Supplying, like other elements of production processes, is transformed under the influence of digitalization. The key components of supplying are procurement, warehousing and transport logistics. The digitalization of these processes has been going on for many years, however, most solutions imply of private processes or functions. This approach allows to optimize a separate process, but does not reveal the full potential of digitalization. The introduction of products capable to digitalize related functions and building ecosystems should provide synergies from the combination of positive effects of individual processes digitalization. What should it be like? Digital Supply. A discussion with top management of large industrial and oil and gas companies who have relevant experience in the development, implementation and use of digital products.