Pareto, October 22 09:30 — 10:45

RAIF (Russian Artificial Intelligence Forum)

Even many top managers do not understand what AI is. Articles and materials about AI are divided into two types: 1. crazy scientific papers with formulas inaccessible to the understanding of leaders, and 2. full of water, rainbow stories, devoid of essence. The difference between Machine Learning - Data Mining - Artificial Intelligence - Data Science - Analytics - Digital Twins is all the more a mystery.

Therefore, in this section, on simple words, examples and funny stories (everyone’s favorite TED format), the speakers explain the complicated thing simply: what are the key components of ML, the types of ML, what ML is being introduced for, where to start (pilots, typical problems), etc. .

Who will benefit from the session:

  • VP, CEO, CIO, CFO, CDO and other company managers who want to clarify the terminology around AI once and for all.