Matrex Stage, October 22 13:30 — 14:45

Plenary session

Plenary session of the Forum
Venue: Matrex

Starting as “digitalization”, the process of introducing digital technologies into various sectors of the economy has become comprehensive. It is already difficult to distinguish the Digital sphere as a separate industry, the integration of technologies into the real world has led to their involvement into the production processes, business, education and public administration. Today, it is impossible to imagine further growth without digital technologies. World experts agree that in the coming years digital technologies will be the only driver of the economic development in almost all spheres of human life, and the volume of the digital economy will be 23 trillion dollars by 2023.
Nowadays we speak not about the digital transformation of the traditional economy, but about the creation of a new economy, the existence of which is impossible without digital technologies, a digital society and a system of global relations. And the technologies of artificial intelligence and decision making based on data analysis, robotization and the Internet of Things have become the driver of its development. We call it Intelligent Economy.
Interaction within the framework of this economy is reaching a new level, the level of artificial and
“natural” intelligence, technology and a human. What does this mean for us? The global industrial revolution, affecting technology and exponentially accelerating the economy, is being replaced by the evolutionary development of an ecosystem, in the center of which lies a person whose needs and skills determine digital technologies used by business and state in all spheres of life.
The digital society is characterized by increasing globalization and the emergence of the growing number of “horizontal” connections both between people and between companies outside state borders, whereas business competitiveness is proved by the product demand in the global market. The success of a human is based on his ability to integrate into the system of global relations, learn throughout life, transfer and receive knowledge and skills in the most effective way.
Global transfer of technology and knowledge, cross-border chains of creating new products, industrial cooperation - these are the main features of Nation 5.0 - a society without borders.

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