Weber, October 23 11:15 — 12:15


$ 26 billion - the market of quantum computing in 2015–2020, forecast Market Research Media.

The developments in the field of quantum technologies are associated with the latest discoveries and achievements of modern physics, allowing for ultra-fast computational operations of large volumes, completely safe banking transactions and measurements of the highest accuracy.

Developments in this area are one of the priority areas of technological development of the Russian Federation.

Key countries of the world are actively using the achievements in the field of quantum technologies to implement the tasks of information security, high accuracy measurements and ultrafast computing. The Chinese government is implementing a fiber-optic quantum network in a nationwide economy. All kinds of quantum communications attract the attention of Chinese scientists; today, information can be transmitted in an absolutely secure way using a satellite in Earth’s orbit.

Large corporations are also actively involved in the “quantum race." For example, Google, the leader of the “peloton” after creating a quantum processor of 72 qubits, is developing new quantum algorithms to increase the speed of calculations. Airbus launched a large-scale competition to solve applied problems, such as optimizing the shape of the aircraft and fuel consumption during take-off, using quantum technologies. Volkswagen and Ford are already using the power of a quantum computer to optimize traffic flows. D-Wave is actively introducing its developments in various fields, for example, their quantum computers are used by medical centers to optimize the calculation of the amount of radiation needed to destroy cancer cells of patients.