Keynes, October 23 13:45 — 14:45


Active integration of digital solutions and products into everyday life is still not able to replace the need to move in space on different vehicles: airplanes, cars, motorcycles, trains, ships, engage in various sports that use advanced sports equipment, live in reliable homes, use infrastructure, various types of energy and much more. And the development of all these areas of human life is impossible without new materials.

Rosatom is actively developing the production of promising materials based on the latest technologies. One of Rosatom’s activities in this area is the production of polymer composite materials based on carbon fiber based on the UMATEX division, the largest producer of carbon composites in Russia.

The participants in the discussion will discuss the achievements of the domestic industry of new materials, the launch of promising projects aimed at developing the market, creating infrastructure for the development of new industries in the field of new materials.