Luiz Messina

RNP Rede Nacional de Educação e Pesquisa do Brasil, Telemedicine University Network Coordinator

About speaker

Electronic Engineer, University of Brasília, 1975, Master in Database, Unicamp and PhD in Computer Graphics, TUDarmstadt, Germany 1988. 45 years experience in education, research, software development and deployment. Worked in Automation at Siemens Germany and Brazil. 1993 creates Messina Informática, developing ICT solutions. Between 2003-2008, acquired and coordinated European Union 6 Million Euros funds for projects in telemedicine, education and culture. Since 2005, began development and coordination of RUTE – the Telemedicine University Network, under the Brazilian National Research and Education Network RNP, Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications . Lectures in Brazil, Latin America, Europe, USA, Caribbean, Australia, Russia, Africa and Japan, on Digital Health, Telemedicine, NRENs, Telehealth in Latin America and Portuguese speaking countries. PAHO consultant for eHealth Conversations and member 2013-2019 eTAG eHealth Technical Advisory Group from WHO

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