Aleksandra Boldireva

Russian Donors Forum, Executive director

About speaker

For seven years she was engaged in marketing communications and PR. The last ten years Alexandra has been working in the non-profit sector. She held the position of head of the pr-department of the Sistema Charitable Foundation. She was the manager of two key projects of the Russian Donors Forum: “Leaders of Corporate Philanthropy”, which the Donors Forum holds in conjunction with the newspaper Vedomosti and PwC; The annual RDF conference, which is the leading platform for discussing trends and practices in institutional philanthropy in Russia.
Coordinator of the working group of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia "The role of SO NGOs in the development of CSR and business charity." Member of the Association of Program and Policy Evaluation Specialists. Member of the Council for the Development of Social Innovations of the Subjects of the Russian Federation under the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, coordinator of the project “Women in the Development of Corporate Charity”.

Sessions participant