Artem Geniev

VMware, Principal Business Solutions Strategist

About speaker

Artyom Geniev is a Principal Business Solutions Strategist with VMware Accelerate Advisory Services in Russia. In this role he evaluates the state of customers’ IT, then develops architectures and actionable roadmaps that help them in their IT and business transformation journeys.
Artyom has a broad IT background with a strong technical focus on cloud and virtualization solutions, consolidation, disaster recovery and business continuity. He has worked with IT vendors, partners and customers, giving him valuable experience in local best practices of complex project sales.
Geniev joined VMware in 2012, bringing 11 years’ experience in enterprise hardware and software consultancy and deployment, business development and product management. Prior to joining VMware, he spent several years with Oracle and Dell. Prior to that, he worked for Citibank and local system integrators.

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