Michael Prepelitskiy

World Health Organization, Digital Healthcare Expert

About speaker

My digital health career started when I launched my consulting firm in 2013 with a focus on iOT devices, specialising in hardware and software development. Shortly after, I started ONETRAK — a digital health platform and wearable technology in the Russian marketplace. ONETRAK’s mission statement is to put people’s health first. The company provides an educational platform in addition to its digital health solutions. We believe that health education has to start in the schools and have launched multiple efforts in partnership with the Department of Education in Moscow. As a child, I suffered from health issues related to obesity and diabetes. My aim is to provide an opportunity for young people to not have to go through the same experience largely due to a lack of knowledge and information, which is now readily available.
Since the beginning of my Digital Healthcare career I have been very active in Legislation and Governance as it pertain to the industry. In 2016, I had the great honor of becoming a member of the General Council and was chosen as the Head of the Subcommittee on Digital Healthcare. I’m also a member of the Moscow Regional Office of the All Russian Public Organisation called Business Russia. Organisations work closely with the local and federal government bodies to help facilitate communication between entrepreneurs and government officials. In 2019 I was added to the Roster of Experts for the World Health Organisation’s Digital Healthcare initiative. Which is helping to further my involvement and expertise in the field.

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